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Sunfield is a forward-thinking design for a large, sustainable community in Auckland.

Kāinga Ora – enabler or obstacle?

Winton has filed legal proceedings in the Auckland High Court under the Commerce Act, alleging anti-competitive conduct by Kāinga Ora. 

Chris Meehan, Winton Chief Executive, provides some insight behind the decision to take legal action here

National and Act show support for Sunfield

Chris Bishop, the National Spokesperson for Housing and Brooke van Velden, ACT's Deputy Leader and Housing spokesperson both issues statements following Winton's lodgement of legal proceedings under the Commerce Act. 

Read statements from the National Party and Act here

The Urban Development Act tackles long-term barriers to urban development by providing access to a streamlined approval process for complex and transformative development projects.
Minister of Housing Megan Woods – July 2021

Sunfield. Tomorrow's town today.

Sunfield offers a radical new approach to living. A neighbourhood with far fewer roads and entirely solar powered, resulting in more affordable homes. The technology and expertise needed to build this town is available and ready to go, today.

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The '15 minute' neighbourhood is here.

Sunfield is an interconnected '15 minute' neighbourhood. By integrating recreational health, schools, employment and retail, close to residential areas, the day to day to needs of a diverse kiwi community can be reached in 15 minutes by walking, e-bike, scooter or Sunbus. Enabling a car-less, solar powered neighbourhood allows for truly local living and takes a big step towards New Zealand's goal of carbon neutrality.

Sunfield, a community master-planned around people, not cars.


The Sunbus is an autonomous electric bus that makes the first and last mile of your journey seamless

The Sunbus is founded on ground breaking technology which creates a virtual track for the Sunbus to travel around on. The Sunbus will stop at scheduled stops on the Sunloop and can be hailed on demand via an app on your phone, meaning no resident will need to walk further than 250m to get home from the Sunfield loop.

With no fumes and no noise, the fully electric vehicles are kinder to the environment.

The Sunfield loop

The Sunbus fleet will travel around the Sunfield loop, transporting people to and from their homes, places of work, education, town centre, recreation and other amenities within Sunfield.

They will also provide seamless and efficient transport to Papakura Train Station and town centre, ensuring residents and visitors to Sunfield can easily connect with the Auckland public transport network.

The Sun Grid

Sunfield’s solar network uses technology available today to power an entire suburb.

Solar panels will be installed on every possible roof top throughout Sunfield to generate clean solar power for residents to use. Excess power can be stored onsite in big electricity storage units that will connect to each other as part of the Sunfield grid. Each Sunfield neighbourhood will have different electricity demands so a surplus in one can meet the higher demands of another, further minimising Sunfield’s reliance on national electricity and transmission.

Sunfield solar avoids at least 3,000 tonnes of GHG emissions annually, equivalent to planting nearly 140,000 trees.

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Working local

At Sunfield we are building more than just homes. With over 11,000 permanent jobs created throughout the community, there will be plenty of different employment opportunities for Sunfield residents to work locally. Working local means residents can quickly get to work using one of the many walkways or bike paths or by jumping on a Sunbus, eliminating lengthy commute times.

Live local

The innovative Sunfield masterplan means the majority of day to day needs of a diverse kiwi community will be met within a 15 minute walk from home. Sunfield has a 4 hectare town centre, four retail hubs throughout the community, healthcare, two schools, aged-care, community transport, swimming facilities and 22.8 hectares of open spaces, green links, sports fields, playgrounds, and reserves. There are an abundance of options to move around, including walkways, bike lanes, community autonomous transport, and shared vehicles for those times when car use can’t be avoided. Residents will enjoy a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle at Sunfield, with everything just a few minutes away.

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We're looking for like-minded people who are interested in this project. If you
have some ideas that you would like to share or simply want to be kept up to
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